About Me


Dan in the grassMy name is Dan. I am a digital marketer by trade and a botanist at heart. I have a thing for exotic, ornamental and architectural grasses as well as unusual types of ground-covers.

So far I’ve discovered numerous species of plants that create stunning looking gardens with their sweeping, undulating and uneven looks.

To me a good garden is like a living piece of art, one that is never finished.

Dan gardeningWhy did I start this website?

To share! My aim is to make my research and knowledge available to those looking for exciting new solutions for their gardens, exteriors and landscaping projects. On this website I only sell the plants I’ve personally worked with and provide ready-to-go design solutions in form of plant packages.

Why No Mow?

I’ve always associated mowing with waste of time and energy. Mowers contribute to carbon emissions too, even the electric ones. Remember that most of Australia’s energy comes from fossil fuels. Regular mowing robs the soil of its nutrients, requiring fertilisation. Tremendous amounts of fertiliser are produced each year, another needless link in the pollution chain. No mow gardens and lawns are eco-friendly, do not require extensive maintenance, look beautiful, provide enjoyable leisure space and can significantly increase value of your property.

It’s a win-win.