Casuarina Glauca Helps My Selaginella Survive Summer in Full Sun

Selaginella is one of my favourite ground covers, but it’s super-sensitive to direct sunlight, particularly in summer months. I disobeyed the advice and planted it in direct sunlight to see what would happen and after a period of rapid growth in springtime, its foliage started to yellow and brown. Once the leaves are dead they’re very easy to pick off, but the exposed layers will normally die within days if in direct sunlight.


A happy little accident happened though, Cousit It (Casuarina glauca) kind of tangled up with the Selaginella and so far it’s doing rather well.


I’m very happy about this, knowing I can combine the two for an interesting effect and have the sensitive Selaginella placed wherever I like in the yard.

If the situation changes with seasons and different weather conditions I’ll update this page to reflect any new findings.