plant in a closed bottle

Pratia pedunculata in a bottle

I’ve been growing Pratia pedunculata in a closed bottle for about a year now.

plant in a closed bottle

It’s a closed ecosystem with enough water and nutrients to last it for decades. The plant gets about 2 hours of direct sunlight and during this time it gets very humid.


A few months after closing the bottle I noticed the development of vertical stolons (rhizomes?).


Interestingly those not directly in contact with water condensation on the glass surface or parts of the plant itself started changing their form.

Pratia pedunculata stolons

All stolons suspended in the moist air took up a fluffy form with what appears to be very fine hair.

Pratia pedunculata stolons fluffy

At this point I’m wondering if this is some sort of moisture collection mechanism or a type of fungus attacking the plant.